North Scottsdale, Arizona

Enough said. Awesome place to live, super hot in the summer but its worth every second of it. This is one of the  most premium places to live around in the south western part of the United States. When I first got here I was amazed at how nice everything was and how many awesome cars I saw driving around. My parents said it best, “its like an adult disney world”. I think they meant it in a harmless way but the longer you are here the more you find out about little things that are true. There are 2 REALLY nice malls within 10 minutes of each other. The first is Fashion Square, which is 10 minutes from where I live. As a side note, go here if you need a fee only cfp® financial advisor and retirement planner in scottsdale and phoenix arizona

Its a really nice 3 story mall that has some of the top designer brands such as Gucci, Louis Vitton, Prada, Armani and more. It is an air conditioned mall (thank goodness) with a big food court and a huge parking garage. This past year is where Barrett Jackson’s was held there and also the Super Bowl was just here.

The next mall is Scottsdale Quarter, its an outside mall with big names like Apple, Nike and more. There are lots of great restaurants including my personal favorite which is Stingray. At happy hour there, you can get 2 rolls of sushi for like….$4. Pretty nuts if you ask me.

This is a very popular place for meetings and is the place a lot of people travel to to actually get away for a bit. Its like a very hot vacation spot.

A popular “term of endearment” I guess you would call it for the old people with money is “snow birds”. Basically they leave scottsdale when its cold and come back during the summer, essentially only being in hot places year round. We all know that cold temperatures are not good for elderly people.

Scottdale, AZ

Back to the nightclubs. On a friday and saturday night, they are killer. There is this one part of old town that just comes alive at night. This whole street closes down and clubs just open up. Livewire, bottled blonde, the district, wasted grain, the W, hifi etc.

I will say this, I have a fairly old car and the A/C does not work. This is something you do NOT want to have starting at around May here. It starts to get super hot and almost unbearable. I went to a meeting yesterday, we met at a local food place and decided to eat outside. Bad idea. It was so hot and uncomfortable, after I got up from the table I had back sweat covering my shirt. Bleh…not good.

You can definitely circumvent all of this by just having a pool. If you live in Arizona its almost a requirement. You have to have a pool. I use my pool almost every single day, gotta keep my tan up and gotta keep the heat down. I hope you enjoyed reading about this. If you did let me know.


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Are Dentists Technically Doctors?


I went to the dentist and guess who has five cavities and 2 thumbs?  This guy right here. I am not too happy, but what can I expect. When you throw up multiple times a day, it is only a matter of time until your teeth are destroyed.

The dental practitioner gave me the typical talk that I hear every year. Then again, it was somewhat diverse this year. You see, throughout the most recent year my dietary issue has truly gotten insane in the domain of cleansing. I experience stages, and that is exactly where I am.

The corrosive has made decalcification on my teeth, which are minimal white spots that show up verging on hazy. This is a typical indication of a dietary issue, however my dental specialist is not mindful of that. Which I need to say I am extremely appreciative for.

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Yet, in the same sense, I very nearly wish my dental specialist knew, so we could keep away from the discussion we have consistently. Like I said it was diverse this time. She inquired as to whether I ate a huge amount of sugary nourishments. Haha, what is that? An unfeeling fat joke? I needed to shout “no, I really limit most sugars. This is on account of I vomit constantly, on the grounds that I loathe myself.”

Rather, I withdrew into my shell of agreeability and concurred with all that she said. Four cavities. Go me. Is this dietary problem even justified, despite all the trouble? Unmistakably I am still too fat to possibly be considered important.

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My Intentional Diet

Last Monday, Kirchina needed to leave for a business meeting and I was destined to relax. I additionally had my son there to offer assistance. By Monday evening I was still not feeling too well and called my specialist. They proposed I come into the workplace. Once there she gave me another steroid shot (with all the steroids I was trusting I was not going to begin developing facial hair and have my voice begin to deepen :) ). She was extremely concerned and set me up with a great Nashville Allergist. I went to his office on Tuesday and continued to experience the terrible sensations. He took a look at me and said in light of my responses that the food that I had eaten he realized what I had..but he needed to do blood tests to affirm. They drew a considerable measure of blood and tried to test me for every known allergy in the known universe.

I went home to wait out what would happen next. On Wednesday I had my standard smoothie for breakfast and began battling again with a sore throat and feeling very weak. My child had been to a tv show/movie with one of his friends. When they dropped him off I told my friend I was not doing too well and felt like I  expect to go to the ER at Vanderbilt anytime soon. I was talking on the phone with my specialists office in transit  to their locatoin and they said I now must start to infuse myself with an epipen…OUCH! My wife pulled over to the side of the street and popped the epi in my leg vigorously (was verifying it got in me..I couldn’t walk for a while after that whole debacle). We always crack up laughing about it now however I’m fortunate that she was there to help me. Anyways, we were 30 minutes from Vandy, and it happned to be rush hour and I knew we would not make it before the epi wore off. We maneuvered into a parking lot and called an emergency vehicle. They gave me more Benadryl and steroids in transit. By and by I ended up in the ER, not by any stretch of the imagination comprehending what was transpiring.

My specialists chose to keep me to the healing facility so they could control what state I was in until they made sense of what wasn’t right with me. They were going to release me home on Thursday until I had a response to plain chicken and rice? Truly? Chicken and rice! I was so irritated and befuddled. So they gave me another round of chicken and rice for dinner…this time no response?? On Friday morning I got a call from my allergist…apparently I had developed Alpha disease.


Its a natural response to being too awesome in my own skin. :)


-Alpha ridden gunnar